Factoring Partners, can we help you?

For a quarter of a century I have helped businesses raise finance. Over this time many mutually beneficial relationships have developed.

Funding is available for almost all business types. From engineering to recruitment, hospitality to manufacturing, transport to IT and all points in between there’s a facility to help grow a business, from new start to long established.

In evaluating any proposition the starting point is always the people that own and manage the business. This is one of the reasons it is so difficult to ‘lend blind’, i.e not actually meet the characters intimately involved; reliance on algorithms may, (possibly) speed processes up but they deny both parties the opportunity to familiarise themselves appropriately at the commencement of what is hoped to be a long term relationship.

Any credit proposal should begin with the people before moving on to what the business does or intends to do – and that is the way I like to work.

I will try to understand what drives both you and the business and then match those aspirations and expectations with the most suited funder. It is not and never has been simply putting one party in front of another and hoping for the best.

Even in the Covid-19 world in which we all work, the basics remain the same.

Over the years I have helped businesses from new starts to those with £50m annual sales; the range of activities is broad as is the markets those businesses sell to.

I will happily review any proposition and if I believe I can add value I’ll tell you why and help to achieve your goals. If I cant help or add anything I will tell you. Either way I make no charge to you or your business. I continue to be paid by lenders on a success only basis.