Asset Finance

Broadly speaking most assets a business may need, or indeed may already utilise, can be financed. From traditional fixed assets such as plant & machinery to soft assets such as software or even goodwill, there are financiers out there prepared to lend.

Over the years I have helped businesses source asset finance for a wide selection of assets. From a private air ambulance to a steam train, from metal folding and cutting machinery to vehicles from commercial catering equipment to specialised agricultural machinery; the common thread that runs through all funded assets is that they had a value, both physical and to the business in terms of generating revenue.

A couple of important of things to remember; typically the term of any asset finance agreement should broadly equate to the expected operational life of the asset. Secondly, failure to repay may result in the asset being recovered by the lender.

Rates can vary across asset type and finance company, as can security requirements, which may go above and beyond the actual asset being financed.

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