Invoice Finance

Perhaps best known as Factoring, but also terms like debtor finance, receivables finance, invoice discounting are used to describe the mechanism by which funders offer facilities to businesses secured against, principally, the businesses debtor assets.

I joined the Factoring industry in the 1980’s selling, mainly, Factoring and Invoice Discounting to bank customers. (In short, Factoring is a fully disclosed facility involving finance and, usually, some element of service, from full to partial ledger management, Invoice Discounting is, usually, a confidential facility, involving only finance, with no supplementary service)

In whichever guise chosen, and with whichever level of additional service, invoice finance can be perhaps the most flexible, cost effective, finance for business. Facilities grow with sales so overtrading is not an issue.

Add ons can include credit insurance and varying levels of sales ledger management.

Competition for business is strong, levels of service vary as do security requirements. Relationships can be long term so choosing the right provider for your business is important.

I’ve over 30 years experience in this market with a close working knowledge of many of the providers. I can add real value if you are looking at this type of facility for the first time, or maybe thinking about alternatives

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